Carrier Lookup

Using a phone carrier lookup helps you to identify the correct service provider and the location of a particular number. The carrier lookup can also help to prevent fraud and improve delivery of messages. It can reduce the number of undelivered messages and prevent chargebacks for fraudulent accounts.

Australian Mobile Carrier Lookup – Bulk SMS Service

IPQS offers a free phone carrier lookup tool. It can find cellular and landline numbers for any country. It can also perform VOIP searches. It can also look up the latest carrier of record for any phone number. It is easy to integrate this API into your software.

The phone carrier lookup allows you to target specific audiences and maximize your marketing campaign. It can also help to prevent fraudulent accounts from charging back your credit card. It can also help to increase the accuracy of your phone number database, which will increase the ROI of your messaging efforts.

IPQS connects directly to the telecom backbones of the major phone carriers. It can perform a phone carrier lookup by pinging a network of carriers in 150 countries.

Whether you are looking for the phone line type, time zone, or name of the person associated with a given number, the service provides it all. In addition, it costs only a few cents for each number.

When you send out SMS text messages, you need to ensure that you are sending them to valid phone numbers. The carrier lookup tool can verify the validity of a number before you send it to your customers.